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Bling for Your Four-Legged Friend

May 12, 2012 Gifts

As I type this my awesome pup Keela is snoring next to me on the couch.  It’s raining outside. Very Excellent Husband Don just said, “the farmers are happy”  because every single time it rains he says that – and I smile and remember why I love him so much.  Doink the pig and Brandy […]

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Fabric, Fabric and More Fabric

May 9, 2012 Homemaking

It’s official.   I’m my own worst enemy.  I’ve got so many things on my plate this month my head is about to explode. But hey, at least I’m not bored. One of my upcoming (must be finished in three weeks) projects is making curtains for Excellent Daughter Libby’s room before she comes home from […]

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Shopping Saturday: Door Mat For Dog Lovers

April 28, 2012 Gifts

This is going to be my new front door mat  😎 perfect for dog owners everywhere. Available online at Target.

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Shopping Saturday: Inflatable Boot Shapers from Container Store

April 21, 2012 Looking Good

As much as I keep hoping, it looks like warm weather has settled in. That means it’s time to polish up the boots and tuck them away until fall. Cruising the “What’s New” section on Container Store’s website I found these cool inflatable boot shapers. I love the idea of being able to deflate them […]

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This Caught Our Eye

March 30, 2012 We Like...

Lately I’ve come across a variety of useful  and useless information plus pretty printables (free, of course  :-)) Scratching your head about how to take charge of your medical costs when you can’t even decipher a bill? I found Cake Health’s Medical Bill Overcharges? How to Spot and Challenge Errors extremely helpful. Be sure and read the […]

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When Using Cash Makes Sense

March 12, 2012 We Like...

Nancy and I were recently having a conversation about shopping locally, and she brought up a great point that I thought was worth sharing… Now all of you know that we’re big both fans of shopping locally.  We love our local gift shops like The Purple Poppy and Momentum.  We love our local coffee shops […]

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Fred and Friends Makes Me Smile

February 28, 2012 Gifts

Every once in a while, I need to buy a little something to make me smile.  Or make somebody else smile.  Just a little something. I’m not a big fan of retail therapy.  Usually shopping doesn’t make me feel better – most times I can’t find anything I like or nothing fits and then I […]

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A Drink for Your Beats

February 21, 2012 We Like...

This week, I’m circling the wagons and concentrating on family. So while I’m doing other things, I thought I’d give YOU something to do.  My Very Good Friend Terry introduced me to Drinkify recently. Prepare to be entertained…. It works like this – type in who’s spinning on your turntable (or if you’re under 60, […]

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Wasting Time AND Doing Good – At the Same Time!

February 7, 2012 We Like...

The Internet is sucking the life out of me. There, I’ve said it. Between e-mail and Facebook and Words with Friends and Pinterest and StumbleUpon and CraftGawker and shopping on Amazon and reading all the great blogs I follow…sometimes I feel like the entire day is blown before I’ve actually torn myself away from the […]

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Post Christmas Fun: For the Dogs

December 26, 2011 We Like...

With Christmas behind, put your feet up and enjoy a good laugh with these two hysterical dog videos..  

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