The Books of Jon Katz

May 8, 2013 Books

I’ve been trying to read more lately. Even though I have a pile of books I’ve never read by the bed, I keep on returning to books I’ve already read and loved. Go figure. Right now I’m re-reading A Good Dog by Jon Katz. If you need a good read, get any book with dog […]

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It’s Time To Organize the Records

March 1, 2011 Books
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Ah, I’m longing for the days of celebrating my 50th birthday – even though it was only two weeks ago.  Since all that fun I’ve not only caught a wicked cold, but the realities and responsibilities of growing a bit older (but not growing up!) have set in. In addition to my yearly physical and […]

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Gifts for the Little People in Your Life

November 5, 2010 Books
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Updated November 2011 Our favorite go-to resource for fabulous books and high quality toys and games for the younger set is Chinaberry. This small company has been in business for 29 years, starting as an independent children’s bookseller and branching into a small selection of high quality, environmentally aware items and toys with a focus […]

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Guilty Pleasures…Romance Novels

August 12, 2010 Books
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Come on, admit it! You’ve read a romance novel at some point in your life. Maybe you’re reading one right now :-D. And that’s okay because I recently learned you are in good (and numerous) company. So why am I writing about romance novels?  Last Saturday Joan and I attended the TEDxBoulder conference. Ever heard […]

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Wreak This Journal

May 28, 2010 Books

My oldest daughter, Julie, discovered Wreak This Journal. She started playing with it. Her swim team college friends saw it. They were hooked. My daughter, Megan, saw it. She wanted one. Julie sent her one as a gift. Megan was hooked. Megan’s friends saw it, they wanted one, too. I saw Julie’s, I wanted one. […]

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I Read a Whole Book!

April 29, 2010 Books

Recently, in my spare time (HA HA HA), I read the book Just Let Me Lie Down: Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom (which I received free as part of my participation in the SV Moms Book Club, the umbrella group of the blog I write for, Rocky Mountain Moms).  It’s a funny book, […]

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If I Had to Pick One

April 2, 2010 Books

I have lots of cookbooks. I read them like novels. They are my friends. A few I keep in touch with frequently, if not daily. Others a couple times a year, some just at Christmas and several are like old school friends you hear from around reunion time. Here’s a picture of part of my […]

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Great Book for Dog Lovers

November 12, 2009 Books

A few weeks ago I was late getting my son up for school, too tired to take Boulé (one of my puppies) to the dog park, and groggy all day. Why? Because I stayed up until 4am reading a book I couldn’t put down. Since a good portion of my day is spent dealing with […]

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