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Love My New Hose!

May 31, 2013 Homemaking

Now, that’s totally a title I never thought I’d write. I have a long, bitter history with garden hoses.  First, I don’t like watering.  Starts me off on the wrong foot most every time I use a hose.  I’m probably jinxed as well because I’ve never used one that doesn’t kink on me at least […]

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The Books of Jon Katz

May 8, 2013 Books

I’ve been trying to read more lately. Even though I have a pile of books I’ve never read by the bed, I keep on returning to books I’ve already read and loved. Go figure. Right now I’m re-reading A Good Dog by Jon Katz. If you need a good read, get any book with dog […]

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You’ll Love Retro Pets Cards!

April 17, 2013 We Like...

®   Looking for a great card for dog and cat lovers? My daughter, Julie, recently discovered this awesome card company, RetroPets®. Retro Pets® is the work of artist, Krista Brooks. She creates prints, cards and magnets featuring over 60 breeds of dogs and an assortment of cats. On the website you have to order […]

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Goodbye iGoogle, Hello Protopage

April 12, 2013 We Like...

There was a lot of hooha in July of last year when Google announced that their popular iGoogle site would be shut down in November of this year.  For those of you who don’t use it, iGoogle is a personalized home page, or web portal, used by millions of people around the world to keep […]

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Hooked On Bird Cams

April 11, 2013 We Like...

Spring has sprung even though there is snow on the ground while I write this. It’s the time of year for birds to start making babies. Joan and I are addicted to watching the Osprey cam in Longmont, Colorado. The male arrived at the end of March and the female about eight days later. First […]

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This Caught Our Eye

April 3, 2013 We Like...

Spruce up your bulletin board with this easy project. Hate CFL lightbulbs? Us too. Hooray for less expensive LEDs. Here’s a helpful guide to choosing necklaces that work with your neckline. Simple guidelines to avoid amputating limbs off of people when cropping your photos. (Your family and friends will thank you!) If you love Chex mix check out this Caramel Nutella Chex Mix recipe.

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Samsung Chromebook – My New Favorite Toy

March 19, 2013 We Like...

I feel old.  There are some new trends/fads/technologies in the world that I simply can’t figure out how to embrace.  I’m frustrated and embarrassed to say the iPad is one of them. Yes, this Mac fan has purchased TWO iPads – the iPad 2 and the Mini.  I have tried SO HARD to love them. […]

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This Caught Our Eye: For The Guys

November 26, 2012 We Like...

After several posts about bra fitting, I had some kind feedback that guys read Just The Right Things too and aren’t all that interested in bra fitting. I promised I would write about something more “manly,” and went to searching the internet. I found some great stuff that women will love too. In middle school […]

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Love My Trekking Poles

June 29, 2012 Looking Good

To beat the heat this summer Alan and I have taken to hiking in our wonderful Colorado Rockies. Being “of a certain age,” we’ve both had issues with hips, knees and ankles and find going downhill pretty jolting on these joints. A few weeks ago on a steep downhill section of trail in Rocky Mountain […]

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Cool Ideas for a Hot Day

June 26, 2012 We Like...

Got back from south Texas today.  Oddly enough, it’s been hotter HERE IN COLORADO than it was there.  Go figure.  Temperatures in the close-to-100’s and above are forecast for the rest of the week.  Texas understands hot, but Colorado, not so much.  I know you southerners are laughing right now, but 90’s is HOT for […]

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