Looking Good

Bravelets – Great Causes, Great Design

January 20, 2013 Gifts

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I clicked on a Facebook ad today. I’m so glad I did. Because I discovered Bravelets. Purchase a handsome bracelet for $35 bucks to support a cause and they’ll send $10 to a charity that supports the cause.  They have over sixty different causes they support. I think they’re beautiful […]

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Found It! A Just The Right Jewelry Organizer

January 17, 2013 Looking Good

After a half-century of living I’ve finally figured out part of my learning style. (Yes, I am a slow learner!) It involves naming what I don’t want which helps me clarify what I do want. Such was my process when I realized how out of control my jewelry/scarf storage solution was. In fact, a more […]

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Short Hair Cuts

January 10, 2013 Looking Good

I don’t have short hair, I would not look good in short hair. So why am I writing about short hair? Because yesterday was hair day, our monthly cut, color and cocktails get together at Joan’s house. Our friend, Shannon styles our hair, while Joan, Dawn and I (the regulars) plus John (the occasional regular) […]

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Hello 2013

January 4, 2013 Food

A few days ago Joan summed up her 2012 just the right things.  Like Joan, my year was a combo of ups and downs, something that seems to come with the territory of getting older. But, in keeping with the spirit of looking on the bright side here are some of my just the right […]

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5 Best Bra Fitting Tips and Vanity Bra Sizing

November 16, 2012 Looking Good

You’d think that after wearing a bra for over 40 years one would know most of what there is know about them. But no, while researching Two Things You Should Know About the Back of Your Bra, and Two New Ways to Shop for Bras Online, I kept learning things I didn’t know about bra […]

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A Tale of Two Purses

November 8, 2012 Looking Good

I think one of the great things about writing about Nancy are the ways we think EXACTLY the same and TOTALLY differently. Most times Nancy and I come to the same conclusions about things, even if we haven’t talked about it.  We like the same cleaning products, we love Cooks Illustrated recipes for the basics […]

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Two New Ways To Shop For Bras Online

November 5, 2012 Looking Good

While writing Things You Should Know About The Back Of Your Bra on Friday, I discovered two useful services online lingerie stores are offering to help women find their best bra styles without having to go in for a fitting. Her Room The first is called the “Know Your Breasts Bra Finder,” launched this past August […]

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2 Things You Should Know About The Back Of Your Bra

November 2, 2012 Looking Good

Back in September POTUS came to town and my daughter, Julie, and I decided to go hear him speak. It was a hot day and I knew we’d be waiting for several hours. I wore a thin nylon pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt, popped my driver’s license and cash in my pocket and […]

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This Caught Our Eye

October 25, 2012 Looking Good

I love butternut squash soup and this recipe from Cooks Illustrated is not only simple, it’s REALLY good for you. (The only pain about making it is chopping the squash. Do what Joan does and buy precut chunks at Costco or Whole Foods.) Ever have the feeling your computer is as messy as your junk […]

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Scarf Solution for Practical Girls

October 19, 2012 Looking Good

Yes Nancy, my life is NOT scarf friendly. You mentioned this in your scarf post and you are oh so correct! Those dangling strings, the constant readjustment, the learning curve on knot tying…aargh! But, I do love the scarf thing. Keeps my neck really warm. (What? That’s not the point?) You’ve given the women who […]

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