Dress Up Your Cocktail For The Holidays

November 29, 2012 Gifts

As usual, there’s no rest for the weary at our house – that’s why it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written anything here. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends.  But of course there’s always a back story to everything that happens here.  Our 23 year-old, odd-sized oven went out the […]

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Things I Didn’t Know About Cleaning Toilets

October 18, 2012 Homemaking

Yes, I know, toilet cleaning is not the most exciting of subjects but at my house it’s a task that generally falls to me. One of the things that drives me nuts is cleaning around the base of the toilet bowl. No matter what type of wipe I use – paper towel, a cleaning wipe, […]

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Why Didn’t I Think Of That? 2012 Fall Decorating and Party Ideas

October 5, 2012 Homemaking

I love the idea of decorating for different seasons but I find as the years go by I do less of it because I want fewer things in my life, not more. Fall is my favorite season for decorating and I think it’s because if I do it smartly I can combine fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving all at […]

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Secret Shame Revisited: My Junk Drawer

September 21, 2012 Homemaking

Two and a half years ago I shared one of my secret shames…my kitchen junk drawer. Before After As with all junk drawers, mine is a little out of control again. Here’s what it looked like an hour ago:  The ReOrganize bins I bought at Target work well. By pulling off the layer of pizza […]

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Why Didn’t I Think Of This? Keeping Bedsheet Sets Together

September 19, 2012 Homemaking

How many sets of bed sheets do you keep? When Joan and I helped people downsize we were frequently astounded at the numbers of sheets they had. One elderly woman we worked with had at least three dozen sets of sheets. To sort them we had to spread them all out in her backyard and […]

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This Caught Our Eye: For the Home

August 23, 2012 Homemaking

August is a nutty month for Joan and me. I’ve been away for a week and a half and Joan is sending her third kid off to college. Needless to say, our posts have been sporadic. We are looking forward to getting back in the groove next week. In the meantime I thought I’d share […]

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Fabric, Fabric and More Fabric

May 9, 2012 Homemaking

It’s official.   I’m my own worst enemy.  I’ve got so many things on my plate this month my head is about to explode. But hey, at least I’m not bored. One of my upcoming (must be finished in three weeks) projects is making curtains for Excellent Daughter Libby’s room before she comes home from […]

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Shopping Saturday: Door Mat For Dog Lovers

April 28, 2012 Gifts

This is going to be my new front door mat  😎 perfect for dog owners everywhere. Available online at Target.

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DIY Jewelry Storage

April 4, 2012 Homemaking

So, I’ve got this thing about storage.  I like perfect storage.  Storage that works for me in my spaces. Strange, but storage system companies don’t consult me when they design their products.  Especially jewelry storage.  Who designs that stuff?  Earrings work great in a tray, but I’d need a lot of trays to hold my […]

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How to Help a North-Facing Room Feel Warm and Cozy

March 23, 2012 Homemaking

I live in a 1960s era 2-story colonial-style tract house. It’s situated north and south which means most of the rooms are either flooded with southern light (back of the house) or receive cooler, indirect northern light (the front of the house.) In the past 15 years it’s safe to say our family only used […]

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