How To Dry Your Hands With One Paper Towel

February 8, 2014 Homemaking

Over the years Joan and I have debated back and forth about whether to occasionally write about some “Just the Wrong Things.” We always decided that no, we should focus on the positive. BUT, if I had to choose one simple, daily irritant, it would be those horrible skimpy paper towel dispensers in public restrooms. […]

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Summer Find! Govino Shatterproof Wineglasses

July 31, 2013 Gifts

This summer I’ve gone on three trips with my parents in their RV. The first was to Nebraska where I visited my oldest daughter and my dad attended the College Baseball World Series. The second was a quickie trip through eastern Colorado and western Kansas (MUCH more fun than it sounds.) The third trip was […]

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Love My New Hose!

May 31, 2013 Homemaking

Now, that’s totally a title I never thought I’d write. I have a long, bitter history with garden hoses.  First, I don’t like watering.  Starts me off on the wrong foot most every time I use a hose.  I’m probably jinxed as well because I’ve never used one that doesn’t kink on me at least […]

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This Caught Our Eye: Home Edition

May 14, 2013 Homemaking

I am a mapoholic so loved this gorgeous bedroom featuring a beautiful world map as the headboard. With graduation season in full swing and Father’s Day creeping up try this simple but classy DIY Personalized Gift Bag idea. Interior designer and color expert, Maria Killam, continues to write excellent articles including this one about how to […]

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Shopping Saturday: Awesome Target Wall Clocks

February 23, 2013 Homemaking

I’m searching for a wall clock for my office/sewing room. Leave it to Target to offer me these fun and very different options!   From top left: Oversized Red Wall Clock, Audubon Singing Bird Clock (LOVE the idea of my clock singing a different bird song at every hour,) Threshold Modern Sunburst Clock (if you like […]

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Ten Free Printables and Other Quickie Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2013 Gifts

Here it comes again Valentine procrastinators. You’ve got four days. Hope these links to some fun free Valentine’s printables (along with a couple other goodies) help. Hand drawn chalkboard Valentine’s from fun.kyt.time Printable tags and cards from Rubber Punkin Retro Valentine from Graphics Fairy A simple idea from Casa Sugar. Write a message with a […]

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Shopping Saturday: Jazz Up Your Tabletop

February 9, 2013 Gifts

 Looking for a pop of color to cheer you up in the midst of mid-winter? Check out these gorgeous dinner serving pieces from French Bull. // //

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Monthly Cleaning Checklist

February 1, 2013 Homemaking

Do any of you get all tingly when you think about cleaning things?  Well, I don’t. I simply can’t get excited about it.  I’m going to leave that to the FlyLady.  (She seriously loves cleaning.) Even if I don’t like doing it, cleaning is part of my job description.  It keeps things in good working […]

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Shopping Saturday: A See-Through Toaster

January 12, 2013 Food

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner? I’m not in the market for a toaster but if I were I’d pick this Magimix Vision Toaster. Pricey for a toaster but it would make a neat wedding gift. Comes in stainless, red and black.

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Hello 2013

January 4, 2013 Food

A few days ago Joan summed up her 2012 just the right things.  Like Joan, my year was a combo of ups and downs, something that seems to come with the territory of getting older. But, in keeping with the spirit of looking on the bright side here are some of my just the right […]

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