Ahhh, food – shopping for it, growing it, cooking it, sharing it – we love the whole shebang.

Here’s our favorite recipes, cocktails, kitchen tools and helpful hints for everything that happens in the kitchen!

Two Small Just the Right Things

January 27, 2012 Food

I am on a beach getaway vacation at a villa in Mexico. And, not to sound like a whiner, I keep thinking there are two small just the right things I wish I had here with me that I don’t. The first is my AccuSharp Knife Sharpener. It occurs to me I ought to put […]

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The BEST Sparkling Water

January 25, 2012 Food

We’ve had a few days of beautiful, warm sun around here and I’ve been hanging out in the yard doing some winter landscaping duties.  OK, mostly I’ve been watching the chickens, throwing the ball for Keela and dreaming about the outdoor projects I’m going to throw myself into as soon as spring arrives. Anyway, all […]

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Joan’s Not-So-White-Trash Tater Tot Pot Pie

January 16, 2012 Food

Here in Boulder, we have seemingly endless options when it comes to food.  From world-class fancy restaurants to organic local grocery stores, we’ve got it all. Pretty much all of it good, too.  But it IS Boulder, so it’s not only good, you often get a food sermon with it.  We know where all the […]

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3 Secrets to Great Roast Turkey – 2011

November 16, 2011 Food

Updated November 2011 If you’re like me you’ve probably been doing the turkey thing for more years than you care to remember with varying results. Over the past ten years I’ve discovered 3 secrets to making great turkey and I guarantee using even one of them will significantly improve your results. 1. Brine the turkey. […]

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Quick! Let’s Make Tostadas!

October 26, 2011 Food

Well, we’ve got our first snow of the season.  It’s a glorious six or seven inches of the dense heavy stuff.  Hello, winter! Unfortunately, it broke two HUGE branches in our trees, one of which is laying on our power lines so that the lines are about 3′ off the ground.  I’m pretty sure that’s […]

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Killer Simple Tomato Sauce

October 5, 2011 Food

Joan gave me beautiful basket of tomatoes from her garden. It was perfect timing because while poking around in one of my favorite food blogs, Food52, I came across a wonderful category called “Genius Recipes.” These are recipes by well-respected chefs from around the world that represent a different or unusual way of preparing something. […]

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List Failure and Biscuits

September 21, 2011 Food

On Monday night, I hunkered down in bed, notepad in hand, ready to commit the to-do list in my brain to paper.  I came up with 32 separate items.  That I wanted to get done the next day. By the time I got out of bed seven hours later, two had been accomplished (sent a […]

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A Produce Storage Bag That Really Works

August 24, 2011 Food
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Joan and I receive many requests from businesses wanting us to review their products and write about them. Our standard response is, “Sure, you can send it, but we’ll only write about it if we try it out and discover that it’s truly a “just the right thing.” Today, for the first time, I’m going […]

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A Weekend of Summer Fun and Food

August 5, 2011 Food

After a summer where practically every weekend was devoted to yard work or house painting or generally getting things done, last weekend was all about fun. The weekend was divided between watching my son play in a men’s basketball tournament and our niece’s boyfriend play Ultimate Frisbee. (Have you ever watched an ultimate frisbee game […]

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Joan’s Yummy Summer Sandwich

July 8, 2011 Food
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Two weeks ago Joan called and  said, “I made the yummiest sandwich last night.” Then she went on to tell me about her sandwich. All day long I could not get it out of my head. I was practically drooling by the time I walked into Whole Foods at 4pm to get the ingredients. My […]

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