Nancy and her son, Jon.

Quick Facts About Joan & Nancy:

  • We both have three kids. All of Nancy’s are in college, Joan still has one at home.
  • We met when our kids were in kindergarten. Joan reported Nancy’s son to the teacher for sassing her.
  • We love to cook.
  • Nancy has two miniature dachshunds and an ancient cat. Joan has one dog, 10 chickens, one goat and a pig.
  • We have been known to rip out walls of our home and even our entire front entryways while our husbands were away.
  • We love our children but don’t always like them.
  • We learned that even with our kids in college, there’s never enough time in the day.
  • Joan is small and Nancy is tall. (This is very helpful in our business, Simple Moves. Nancy gets everything off the top shelves and Joan has to crawl into all the tight places.)

Quick Facts About Just the Right Things

  • We only write about products, ideas, things that we’ve actually used and tested ourselves.
  • We don’t receive any financial reward for the products we review.

Just the Right Things We Are Continually Addicted To

If You Want to Know More…(by Joan)

Nancy and I went to our favorite restaurant (Efrain’s) for many Friday lunches when our kids were younger.  Our weekly question was always the same – what are we going to do when the kids start going off to college?

Six years ago we found one answer – open a business!  Simple Moves helps people sort through their stuff before they move and helps them unpack and get settled in to their new homes.  We also wrote a book, Organize Pack Move! that is full of helpful advice for people who are moving.

But, as most women do, we wanted more.  We wanted SOMETHING ELSE!

We went back to Efrain’s for brainstorming (and enchiladas and margaritas and beer)…what do we love to do, what makes us happy, what makes us feel good?

Our answers were simple – the pleasure of a good book, the joy of finding just the right kitchen tool, a place for everything and everything in its place.   We also know we are in a time of transition – dealing with kids in college and at the same time dealing with aging parents.  These are the things that rumble through our lives on a daily basis.

We know many of you have some of those same things rumbling through your lives too, and we hope to be able to offer ideas, insights, and practical tips to make life easier.

Here’s to a happy, changing life!

Nancy and Joan

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