5 Excellent Over 40 Makeup Tutorials

by Nancy on June 5, 2013

This Caught Our EyeRecently I discovered the makeup tutorials of a fabulous Australian makeup artist, Wayne Goss. If you type in his channel, GossMakeupArtist on YouTube you’ll see he has posted over 500 tutorials, many of them with over 500,000 views, so I’m not alone in becoming a fan.

Today I want to share five of my favorite foundation and skin concealing tutorials and in a couple of days I’ll post five of my favorite eye makeup videos. As part of the over 50 set you’ll find my choices are directed towards dealing with issues of maturing skin.

WARNING: Wayne’s videos are addicting and before you know it you can spend hours watching them. I’m including in parenthesis a heads up on how long each video is so you can plan accordingly.

  1. If you have large pores you’ll love these two tutorials on how to make them disappear. This one uses foundation (4:07) and this one uses pressed powder (3:19.)
  2. Most of us are dealing with either eye bags, dark under eye circles or puffiness. I learned tons from How To Make Eye Bags Disappear (5:18) including this excellent tip: conceal the shadows, not the puffy parts.
  3. Speaking of concealers and correctors  (4:51) – what’s the difference? In this tutorial Wayne describes the difference and how to pick the right shade. (He dislikes those color correctors in yellow, purple and green which makes me ecstatic because I know I could never remember which was which.)
  4. Did you know simply by changing how you apply your blush (3:20) you can widen or narrow your face, give a hint of sun and more?
  5. I never took the time to learn how to highlight and contour (7:46) my face but might have to reconsider after watching this beautiful before and after tutorial on an older woman.


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