5 Excellent Over 40 Eye Makeup Tutorials

by Nancy on June 7, 2013

This Caught Our EyeIn my last post, 5 Excellent Over 40 Makeup Tutorials, I promised to follow up with some of my favorite eye makeup tutorials from Australian makeup artist, Wayne Goss. Here goes:

  1. Top 5 Eyeshadow Mistakes and How To Avoid Them (8:43) Love, love, love it when someone not only describes common mistakes but tells you what to do to get it right!
  2. A little futzy for everyday but this New Way To Apply Masacara (4:03) is lovely and perfect for when you want to take some extra care.
  3. There is a the perfect fast way to apply eyeshadow based on your eye shape (7:50) and in this tutorial Wayne tells you how. Plus love that he addresses the hooded eye caused by lids dropping as we age.
  4. Makeup for mature eyes (9:33) covers techniques as eyelids get thinner (although Wayne calls mature eyes for people over 30. Ha!)
  5. You’ll pick of lots of subtle tips and tricks in this well-done Step By Step Eye Shadow Tutorial for All Shapes (12:39.)

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