Love My New Hose!

by Joan on May 31, 2013

DapHoseNow, that’s totally a title I never thought I’d write.

I have a long, bitter history with garden hoses.  First, I don’t like watering.  Starts me off on the wrong foot most every time I use a hose.  I’m probably jinxed as well because I’ve never used one that doesn’t kink on me at least once during the watering session.  Lastly, when you have a big yard like we do, you need a long hose for watering and long, durable hoses are HEAVY.  I hate dragging them from one area to another.

At a home and garden show in the dead middle of winter this year, Very Excellent Husband Don and I were frustrated because there were no new products to be found.  We were bored.  Then I spied the man with the magical hose.  The one that expands and shrinks right before your eyes.  As Seen On TV!!!!!  It’s a Dap XHose, we bought it, and I love it.

I use mine every day, and I just bought another one from Amazon.  It weights nothing, expands to 50′ of lightweight hose in seconds, never kinks, and shrinks right up when you turn the water off.  You must have some kind of spray attachment on the end for it to work – water pressure makes it expand and the shrinking requires turning it off at the spigot and then opening the spray attachement to get all the water out of the hose.

Now, there’s VERY mixed reviews out there for these hoses.  Apparently only the DAP brand hose works.  The less expensive knock-offs are very bad and do not work.  So if you’re interested, only buy the DAP brand, ok?

Since I’ve only used mine for a month I can’t tell you how long they last.  If it only lasts one summer I’d buy a new one next year.  I like it that much.

Gotta go – the garden needs some water!

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Lori September 25, 2013 at 5:36 pm

I hate hoses. I have bought three this summer and they all “kink” despite being “kink resistant.” Ugh. Ok, I’m going to give this one a shot…. :)
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