Better Eggs For Your McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich

by Joan on April 1, 2013

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In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to start by saying I’ve not purchased anything at McDonald’s except bagged ice (not available at all locations, but good, fresh and cheap for you ice connoisseurs out there) for probably at least 10 years.  No fries, no hot apple pies, no iced tea swill in a cup.

BUT, back in the day when the kids were young Very Excellent Husband Don would take the them to McDonald’s on Sunday mornings so I could sleep in.  (Yeah, he is the best.)  We’d also go through the drive-through and grab breakfast on our way up to the slopes in the winter.  Being vegetarians, we’d frequently order the Egg McMuffin without the sausage patty.

Apparently after I stopped eating at McDonald’s they added other breakfast sandwich options – biscuits, bagels and McGriddles. (I don’t even want to know what those are.)

The granddaddy of the sandwiches, the McMuffin, is the only one that comes with a fresh cooked egg, called the “Round Egg” in McDonald’s lingo.  The others have a scrambled, folded, pre-made and re-heated egg on them.  Yuck.

The solution?  Ask for a ROUND EGG when you order anything with an egg on it at McDonald’s.  They’ll cook a fresh one for ya.

It must be at least somewhat true, because I read it on the Internet on one of my favorite food sites – here at Serious Eats.  There’s disagreement in the comment area, but it’s probably due to individual restaurant or regional decisions.  I’m going to ask one of my McDonald’s-eating friends (do I have any?) to test this out here in Colorado.

I love this “upgrade”.  However, I’m not going to rush out and get a breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s because, well, I’m adult and I have free will and farm fresh eggs at home. I’m not going to break my no-McDonald’s streak.

Except for the ice.  That’s some good ice.

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