Short Hair Cuts

by Nancy on January 10, 2013


Joan needs a hair cut that looks good when she takes her helmet off!

I don’t have short hair, I would not look good in short hair. So why am I writing about short hair?

Because yesterday was hair day, our monthly cut, color and cocktails get together at Joan’s house. Our friend, Shannon styles our hair, while Joan, Dawn and I (the regulars) plus John (the occasional regular) and other drop ins, get glammed up.

Frequently one or all of us will comb the internet before hair day looking for that new perfect haircut that will be the solution to all our styling problems. This mythical haircut will be wash and go and always look exactly like the photo of the actress or model wearing it with no effort on our part.

This month it was Joan on the hunt. Ever since I’ve known her she’s had short hair (although I know for a fact she rocked the Debra Winger in Urban Cowboy hairstyle in the 1980s.) Over the course of the past six months though, Joan’s been growing her hair out. It got long enough that the past few months she’s been sporting a cute little ponytail. Then her husband, Don, got her a new scooter for Christmas and Joan realized that helmet + ponytail were not going to work.

So, back to the drawing board and the hunt for the perfect short haircut. Knowing Joan was rethinking her hair I forwarded her the link to this article, Who Suits a Pixie Cut? I think it’s particularly good because style writer, Imogene Lamport, has done some serious thinking about who looks good in a short, short hairstyle and explains why. The best part of her article is the photo she included of herself with a short haircut. You can see it’s not her best look and the blog post explains why.

I also found Should I Cut My Hair In A Pixie Cut? Here you can read about some of the pros and cons of this very short style. If you have a short cut and want to grow it out read How To Grow Out a Pixie Cut. There’s a great photo of actress Emma Watson who is currently growing out her very short cut.

Finally, if you are considering short hair, here’s a great photo board of short hair styles on Pinterest.


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Debbie McCormick January 10, 2013 at 9:02 pm

I would definitely do a pixie cut. Unfortunately the husband likes me in long hair and I aim to please. But one day, ONE DAY, I shall stand tall and have my pixie cut if it is the last thing I do on this earth!
Debbie McCormick´s last blog post ..The post that really doesn’t mean anything

Shannon January 20, 2013 at 9:52 pm

I believe THIS cut fits your lifestyle and suits your personality. The helmet is probably best suited for the super short or the long-enough-to-wear-in-a-ponytail hairdo, but I think it’s perfect for the 95% of your life that you’re not on your scooter. By the way, thank you for giving me the opportunity to help out the ladies and man of Hair Day with all hair care needs.

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