Hello 2013

by Nancy on January 4, 2013

Slink, Friedl and Avery make sure there’s never a dull moment at my house.

A few days ago Joan summed up her 2012 just the right things.  Like Joan, my year was a combo of ups and downs, something that seems to come with the territory of getting older. But, in keeping with the spirit of looking on the bright side here are some of my just the right things from 2012.

  • Going to Joan’s house and being greeted by oinks, clucks, baaaa’s and barks. You can tell from Joan’s posts about her growing barnyard how much joy her animals bring. I love coming to visit them and getting to leave without cleaning up after any of them :).
  • Instead of farm animals I do have my own small zoo of three lap-loving dachshunds and a cat. (I appreciate the lap-loving part more when it’s cold.)
  • The Rocky Mountains. Amazing how much I take them for granted. This past summer I was fortunate to be able to spend many hours hiking and camping in our fabulous mountain “backyard.”
  • My presidential candidate won too!
  • On the Christmas holiday front my very late shop start date (as in not starting until the week before Christmas) went well thanks to a membership to Amazon Prime.

The very best thing about writing for our blog is making new discoveries. Some of my favorite finds of 2012 include:

  • Method All-Purpose cleaner. I know, I know, how boring can a girl get if one of her favorite finds is household cleaner?
  • After several articles in a row about bras, I wrote a piece called For The Guys where I learned some pretty cool things like how to use a flashlight as a weapon and the best place to hide valuables in the house. I almost didn’t get the post written I had so much fun finding all this “guy” stuff.
  • The Berry Chantilly cake from the Whole Foods Bakery.
I know something is a hit when Joan adopts it too. One of my all-time favorite just the right things is my (and now Joan’s) favorite way to dry sheets.


Finally I have several  things in the works to tell you about this year including:
  • a home shellac manicure set and a technique I’ve developed for removing the polish that I’m loving.
  • a new discovery about where to buy cool, inexpensive jewelry.
  • an awesome (for me) jewelry storage system.
  • an informative video about how to pick your hair color and how to change it as you age.
  • a scientific, fact-based (oh, this makes me so happy) way of eating that turns everything you ever thought of about dieting and exercise on its head.


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