Goodbye, 2012

by Joan on January 1, 2013

That is one small (but beautiful) egg!

Nancy and I have both been gone for a month.  A break was needed.

But now, here we are back again in full force.  And to start off, I’d like to recap 2012.  (Me and every other person in the world with a blog. But hey, it’s what we do.)  I’m going to focus on the good things about 2012 because we’ve been talking a lot about how we’re glad it’s over – it was not the best of years around here.


So here goes – the best of 2012 (for me)…

  • There were lots of tasty meals with close friends.  Prefaced by cold cocktails.
  • We added a goat and a pig and a few chickens.  Many warm summer nights those cocktails were sipped watching those animals – and that always brought a smile to the faces that were gathered.
  • We became empty nesters.  But not really.  That phrase seems to say that once your youngest child goes to college you’ll be all footloose and fancy free.  Nothing further from the truth around here.  Being part of a closely intertwined family is a good thing.
  • It was a glorious summer, and a warm fall.
  • I had a fun job at the Denver County Fair (which is growing into a larger position this year!)
  • On the chicken front, we continued to get fresh eggs every single day – thank you chicken ladies.  And on Dec. 31st, a teeny, tiny chocolate brown egg from one of the new princesses – totally cool!
  • We finally found a use for the bazillions of bad apples from our one apple tree – the pig is a serious apple fan.
  • Keela the dog grew up – commands are obeyed more often than not now.
  • I continued to love my husband more than anything else in the world.
  • Aaron Sorkin created a new TV show on HBO called The Newsroom – so compelling to watch.
  • My candidate won the presidential election.
  • We must have done something right all these years – the kids kept on being completely awesome, each in their own unique way.
  • More recently, holiday shopping mostly went well, mostly because we shopped mostly at locally owned stores.  (And Amazon.)

But now, onward and upward.  There’s so much to do, so much to laugh about, so much to enjoy.  Let’s get on with this brand new year, shall we?


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