by Joan on September 10, 2012

Keela and I have been watching this sunflower grow on our daily walk. I think it's in its full glory now!

Hello again!  How have all of you been?  Me, you ask?  Well, August was quite the crazy month. The universe alternately whispered and shouted to me for 30 days straight.

We sent kids out into the world.  Now all three are in college.  (Can I hear an “amen”?)

There’s no empty nest – too many animals around. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that baby chicks without good moms have no sense.  Aretha Franklin rejected four chicks outright.  Only tiny Cinderella was allowed in the nesting box.  But Aretha was seriously lacking in mothering skills and kept letting Cinderella go through the fence and into our yard.  Keela never bothered a slow-moving hen, but a small flappy-winged chirpy thing was too much temptation.  We buried Cinderella.  I blamed that one on Aretha – but sweet little Snow White, the replacement for my beloved Scout, her demise was my fault.  Excellent Daughter Libby and I attached chicken wire to the bottom of the fence hoping that would solve the chick-through-the-fence problem but somehow Snow White hopped up and through the larger holes.  So, we buried her too.

This is Rapunzel, the biggest of the remaining three princesses.

Keela, in her "I'm watching something" position. Thank goodness the chicks are too big to fit through the fence now...

We have an apple tree that is bent nearly to the ground with wormy apples.  I pick the fallen ones up daily and throw them into the barnyard for everyone to enjoy.  The unintentional symbiosis between Doink and Brandy and the hens is amazing.  They all come running when they see the bucket – I’ll toss upwards of 20 apples over the fence at a time.  It’s hard for Brandy and the hens to bite/peck the hard apple skin, but Doink in his delirious eating abandon takes ONE bite out of every apple first, then circles back to finish them off.  That one bite in each apple allows Brandy and the hens to join in the fun.

Thanks, Doink!

Since Excellent Son Sawyer is now only a part-time resident here I took over his room and it’s slowly become the office/project room I’ve always wanted. (He gets an upgrade and will use the separate guest house in the backyard for his room when he’s back.)  More home improvements will be on the way, I’m sure.  Between the yard and the home improvements, we’re always needing to haul something somewhere.  Libby and I went on an adventure, and came back with Very Excellent Husband Don’s birthday gift.

Now that's a good lookin' farm truck .

I ended my volunteer time at the thrift store.  This seems to be a perfect time to do a little self re-invention, and I want to start with a clean slate.

And fall is in the air.

So many transitions….so many new things to look forward to.

One last story….I was driving down the road close to our house recently when in the distance I saw a BIG dude walking on the shoulder.  He was massive, tattooed, was sporting a do-rag and wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off.  Frankly, he was one scary-looking guy.  I immediately formed an opinion of him in my mind.  It was not positive.  Just then he walked by a big sunflower plant with many flowers, like the one Keela and I walk past every day.  He stopped, picked one, looked at it closely and smiled a positively golden smile. Then he saw me looking at him and gave me the friendliest of waves.

Lesson learned, lesson learned.  Thanks, universe.

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Tilly's Nest October 4, 2012 at 7:05 am

Wow! What a great message from the “scary guy”! Sorry to hear about you losing those chicks. Glad they no longer fit through the fence. Don’t they just love those apples. I bet the worms are their favorite part. Thank you for linking up this week to the blog hop. So glad to have you!~Melissa

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