Change You Can Believe In

by Joan on August 7, 2012

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Well, August is in full swing here at Happy Mama Acre!  This month’s theme is growth and change…

In the barnyard, our lovely hen Aretha Franklin went broody and has been patiently sitting on five golf balls for almost three weeks. (Chickens are a lot of wonderful things, but smart is not one of them.)   We hope to “trick” her by taking the golf balls out and replacing them with the chicks under the cover of darkness.  People who know more than me about chickens say this works.  Sometimes.

What, you say?  Oh yeah, I forgot….THE CHICKS ARE HERE!  Meet Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Belle and Snow White.

We opened the box, and look what we saw!

They quickly adapted to the larger box - eating and drinking well!

Four are Black Copper Marans - when they grow up they should lay chocolate colored eggs...SO COOL!

I know Aretha Franklin will accept them as her own - look at that sweet face.

Snow White already seems to know how to pose for the camera - what a diva!

Nap time.

Doink is getting his tusks, a sign that he’s growing up AND I need to get a vet so we can have those bad boys filed down.  He gets a little cranky from time to time, but he is one lovable pig.  Napping and eating seem to be his strengths.

An apple a day....

No. Really. The pig knows how to nap. Look at that smile - I wonder what pigs dream....

The tomato plants are humongous – it is definitely going to be a bumper crop this year.

This one got picked first - and it was heavenly.

Brandy continues to be, well, happy.

Best. Goat. Ever.


Five-week old chick Liberty has entered what looks like her awkward teenage years.  We will confidently refer to her as a girl until if and when we hear a crow.  She still stays close to Mama Maude.

Her feathers are always akimbo now.

Look at those feet!

Just close enough...


Little Liberty has been roosting with the big hens at night for a few days.  I think it’s a little scary for her.  Last night I went out when they were putting themselves to bed and the hens, especially Cleopatra, were not letting her up on the roost.  Maude was getting agitated because her baby was upset.  There were literally feathers flying.  Finally Liberty hopped up and skittered to the end of the roost next to the wall.  Maude was right behind her.  Liberty desperately tried to get UNDER Maude, but she’s way too big now.  So Maude stretched out her wing, Liberty scooted under it and Maude tucked her in tightly.  All I could see was Liberty’s crazy feathered feet.  If you had been looking in the window of the coop, you would have seen me crying.

I stood there looking at that big protective wing.  You’d have to be a total idiot not to draw an emotional line directly to my 18 year old baby about to leave our nest.

Sawyer and I have had a running joke for years about how he’d never grow too big for me to hold him like a baby.  This was taken at the a few months ago just before his senior prom.

Any time, Sawyer, any time.

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Debbie August 12, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Looks like you have a fun farm. We have baby ducklings that hatched the last week of July. Crazy year.
Debbie´s last blog post ..6 things that tell you — you are dehydrated.

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