Cool Ideas for a Hot Day

by Joan on June 26, 2012

At 5pm today....

Got back from south Texas today.  Oddly enough, it’s been hotter HERE IN COLORADO than it was there.  Go figure.  Temperatures in the close-to-100’s and above are forecast for the rest of the week.  Texas understands hot, but Colorado, not so much.  I know you southerners are laughing right now, but 90’s is HOT for most of my friends (and 80’s is hot for Nancy).  Of course, I’m delighted it’s hot because I’ve been waiting all winter for this.

Maybe I like hot weather because I LOVE things that go along with hot weather and everything associated with trying to get cooler when the heat is on.  Here’s some of my favorites….

  • Shade.  Find it, and sit in it.  Don’t move.  A sprinkler going full-blast close by is a bonus.  A good book brings the whole scene close to perfection.
  • Blue Bell ice cream.   Simply the best.  You can get coupons here on their website.
  • Gin and Tonic.  I shared how to make the perfect one here.  That first sip on a hot day is crazy good.
  • Flip flops.  Zappos has over 3,000 to choose from.  Might need more than one new pair…
  • Frozen Thin Mints.  You did buy a LOT of boxes when that Girl Scout came to your front door, didn’t you?
  • Otter Pops.  Wikipedia describes Otter Pops as “…a plastic tube filled with flavored sugary liquid. After freezing, one end of the tube is cut off, allowing the frozen juice to be eaten.” Doesn’t sound appetizing, does it?  Oh, but it is.  And they not only cool you off, they make you feel like a kid again.
  • Ice cold watermelon.  Bonus at our house – watching Doink the pig eat the rinds.

    That pig LOVES watermelon rinds. So does Brandy. So does Keela. The chickens, however, will only eat the sweet red parts. They are SO spoiled.

  • Frozen, yogurt-stuffed Kong.  No, not for YOU, but your dog is hot too!
  • Lots and lots of iced tea.  I like mine unsweetened with big wedges of lemon, but you can still be my friend if you put sugar in yours.  Here’s how to make the best iced tea ever.
  • Movie theaters.  For those of us with no air conditioning, watching a movie in a chilly theater (I always need to wear a sweatshirt) is a great break.
  • Spicy foods.  There’s some theory that eating spicy foods increases perspiration, which cools the body as it evaporates.  Fine by me – any excuse to eat spicy foods is a good one.  I get lots of my spicy food inspirations from The Homesick Texan.
  • Beer cocktails.  I like these two.
  • Ceiling fans.  I love the way they look and I love the way they hum when they’re going full speed.
  • Wet mud.  (Probably only works if you’re a pig or a kid….)

    The sounds Doink makes when he's enjoying a good mud bath - priceless!

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