2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Part 1

by Nancy on June 8, 2012

Give dad a print featuring independent breweries across the U.S. from Pop Chart Lab, $30.00

(Updated June 2012. Dang, we’re good. Each time we update our Father’s Day gift guide we realize how many excellent ideas we have. If you can’t find anything here you have one seriously hard to buy for dad on your hands.)

Looking for a variety of fun, creative gift ideas for Father’s Day? We brainstormed and came up with a long list. In fact, it’s so long we divided it into two parts. Most of these are inexpensive ($100 and less), a few will set you back a bit more and one is over $50,000 (see, we are practical gals!)

Boozy Dad (new for 2012!)

  • This fun map features small, independent breweries across the United States. (It’s the one in the feature picture.) The brewery map is from Pop Chart Lab and they have lots of other great prints dad might like.
  • Single malt Scotch aficionados will be intrigued by the Age Your Own Whiskey Kit from the Woodinville Whiskey company.

Dapper Dad

  • Throw out all of dad’s worn out socks, underpants and undershirts. Get him new ones.
  • A shopping date with an image/wardrobe consultant. I did this with my husband and we had a great time. Read about it here and be sure to check out this article.
  • Does the dad in your life look like two caterpillars live directly above his eyes or has a unibrow (not everyone can be Anthony Davis) or his ears and nose sprouting fur balls? Give him “the works” at a reputable salon.

Handy Dad

I asked my live-in consultant (Alan) who is extremely handy, about his must have tools. Here are two, extremely affordable tools he can’t live without.

  • cordless drill with lots of torque. “What is that?” you might ask, and my answer is, “I don’t know.” It has to do with the power a drill has to drill into something. For a drill to have torque it needs to be 18volts. Here’s one (under $100) and here’s another (over $100.)
  • For construction and rough projects a framing hammer is essential. It should weigh 22-24oz. The head will look like a teeny waffle. According to my expert, more power = fewer hammer strokes = fewer whacked fingers.
  • Maze nails are another way to help prevent whacked fingers. Read about them here.

Healthy Dad

  • A pedometer. The Omron HJ112, costs about $20 and isn’t loaded down with too many bells and whistles.
  • massage.
  • An appointment for a physical. Men are significantly less likely to get regular physicals than women. He may not enjoy it but it could be the best present he ever receives.

Music Dad

An iPod adaptor so Dad can play his music in the car. Our ever-suffering husbands, Alan and Don, are now driving our “young mom days” minivans while Joan and I buzz around in smaller, more maneuverable vehicles. (Alan won’t give our van up because it fits a whole sheet of drywall and is perfect for hauling gear to tail gate parties during football season.) Suffice it to say, these are older vehicles and after doing hours of research on the perfect iPod car adaptor I learned – there are none. So your choices are:

  1. Buy him a new Lexus, BMW or other luxury car that has built-in iPod/iPhone capabilities.
  2. Black iPod 5-1 Car Charger + FM Transmitter + Holder by Eforcity. This is a player that plugs into the car cigarette lighter and works with many generations of iPods (but not the newest ones or the iPhone.) It has decent reviews and for $6.31 how can you go wrong?

Other Great Music Options

  • Old iPods cleaned up and filled with Dad’s favorite music. Bet your kids have perfectly serviceable iPods in the back of their drawers. Give one of your kids this techno task which most dads will adore.
  • Teach him how to set up Pandora (create his own station based on music he likes) on his computer.
  • New headphones. For dad’s with hard-to-fit ears, The New York Times writer David Pogue, has excellent suggestions in Battling the Earbud Blues.

For more ideas check out 2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide – Part 2, with ideas for Smart Dads, Sports Dads and Techno Dads, Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Uncommon Goods, 2012 Father’s Day Free Gift Card Printables AND Last Minute Father’s Day DIY and Cards.

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Katie June 8, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Great ideas! Can’t wait to see Part II (but please hurry up — some of us have to mail our Father’s Day gifts!)

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