Bling for Your Four-Legged Friend

by Joan on May 12, 2012

As I type this my awesome pup Keela is snoring next to me on the couch.  It’s raining outside. Very Excellent Husband Don just said, “the farmers are happy”  because every single time it rains he says that – and I smile and remember why I love him so much.  Doink the pig and Brandy the goat (update soon) have put themselves to bed in their shed and the chicken ladies are roosting.  All is right with the world.

But back to Keela, because her birthday is coming up.  I adopted her from a puppy rescue organization when she was 8 weeks old.  It has, in some ways, been a long three years.  We’ve both learned a lot.  I think I can say she’s more-times-than-not a very well-behaved dog and I am a much wiser dog owner.  But most importantly, I’m really, really glad we found each other.  I like that she’s not easy.  She’s complicated.  I like complicated.

Since she can’t read (although she is TOTALLY capable of pounding on my computer keyboard when she wants some attention) I’ll spill the beans and tell you what I’m getting her for her birthday.  It’s a new collar from Karma Collars.  Their collars are beautiful and their story is beautiful.  I like to support people who spread good in the world (it’s Just The Right Thing).

I’m thinking the Bohemian is perfect for her (love the double-D ring).  She may get a leash too, because fashion is very important for us ladies.

If you’re intrigued and have a dog, friend Karma Collars on Facebook. They offer discounts and even some freebies for their very awesome products.

The other dogs at the park will be SO JEALOUS…

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