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by Joan on April 17, 2012

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Oh my, there’s change a happenin’ here at our little acre of love….


We’ve been doing some planting…

We put these trees in the ground a couple of weeks ago.  They were planted as a visual (Very Excellent Husband Don would say visual AND emotional) barrier to block the view of our crabby next-door-neighbor’s patio.  They should grow another three or four feet and fill out nicely.  Hopefully they will become large enough to block the view of him working in his yard without a shirt (every weekend) so my retinas won’t hurt anymore.

And some planning…

Those trees will be surrounded by mulch, which will extend up to a future firepit area.  Imagine something much nicer than you see here, including some kind of patio with built-in firepit and nice chairs.




And some upgrading…

Here’s the wonderful new table from Crate and Barrel for the outdoor dining area.





All in all, just another spring landscaping punch list, I guess.

Oh, YOU KNOW that’s not all that’s going on around here.  I’ve got a VERY SPECIAL PROJECT this week.

You see, this weekend, when I look to the south of the chicken coop, I’m not going to see this underused porch area with junk all around it.




When I stand at my back door, I’m not going to see just more of the backyard.

No, this weekend when I look out there I’m going to see that part of the yard fenced in, and that porch becoming a shed.




BRANDY AND DOINK ARE JOINING THE FAMILY!!!!  Brandy is the goat, Doink is the pot-bellied pig.  And oh, I can’t wait to tell you all about them.  But for now, if I don’t get to work, their new home won’t be ready in time for their arrival.

Brandy the goat and Doink the pig

The ladies are clamoring at their door, ready to meet their new friends!



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