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by admin on April 20, 2012

Well ladies, to balance Joan’s enthusiasm over getting a new goat and pig, I thought I’d go in the opposite direction and share a variety of beauty/fashion articles that caught my attention over the past week.

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about my hair color the past month. My natural color was a golden, coppery brown/red that turned redder during the summer and browner during the winter. Sadly, those years are long gone. When I see young women coloring their hair all the time I think, “Honey, if you only knew. Keep it natural and color it when you have to.” ¬†One of the results of coloring it “when I have to,” is that my hair texture has completely changed. From straight, thick and fine, to slightly wavy and quite coarse. For the past couple years I’ve also struggled with the red tones in my colored hair. I was quite intrigued to see this article and video from Inside Out Style blog, How to Pick a Flattering Hair Color. Creator, Imogene Lamport, demonstrates on herself how various hair colors look and addresses the changes our hair color needs to make as we age. Check it out.
  • I’ve written several posts about bras and bra fit over the past year or so (as in here and here.) This is a recent favorite that shows (in picture form) why all the bras on the Victoria’s Secret models are really too small.
  • For all my scarf loving friends, this is a cool way to use scarves as a way to go with one of the latest fashion trends, color blocking.
  • On a more “discrete” topic (body hair,) writer Sally McGraw of Already Pretty blog, shared her experiences with various forms of hair removal. She obviously struck a chord because at this writing she has 152 comments from her post, Body Hair Revisited.
  • Last but not least, I am intrigued by the clothing “mood boards” created at CAbi Canary, a style blog/online clothing store. This particular post is called Ageless Appeal. It composes outfits for women based on their age. I am not in anyway arguing with the clothes choices…but. My personal bias. How come in your 20s and 30s shoes are always high-heels? Then in the 40s-60s they are flat? Did anyone have babies? Did anyone’s feet spread? For the life of me I can not walk in flat shoes without looking like a cow. (Come to think of it I never could. Heavy sigh.)




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