Ideas for Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts

by Joan and Nancy on December 2, 2011

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Ever had one of those awkward moments during the holidays when someone gives you a present but they weren’t on your list so you have nothing for them? Yup, we have too.

That’s why this year we are combining our stocking stuffer ideas with a new category we’re calling “small gifts.” Most stocking stuffers actually are small gifts anyway.

We suggest picking up a few small gifts for your stash. Pop them in a gift bag, stuff it with tissue and tuck at gift card on top. Then when someone unexpectedly hands you a gift you can truthfully say, “Oh, I have a little something for you, too.”

Small gift suggestions are identified with an asterisk *.

Tried & True Stocking Stuffers

  • Candies (custom picked for the recipient)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Favorite magazine(s)
  • Books from a favorite author from the used book store
  • Travel sized game books (crosswords, Soduku, etc.)
  • Gum/mints
  • Pens/pencils/post-it notes and the like.  Check out these retro floppy disk post-its  from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store and these “Get the Hint” sticky notes from Crate & Barrel. For the guy/gal with a sense of humor, these WTF stickies will do the trick. Readers will love this “You are here” bookmark pad.  Page pockets from The Container Store ($4.99 for set of 4) are little rectangles you stick into the front of a notebook so you have a holder to store loose papers, notes, coupons, photos.

Useful Stuffers and Small Gifts

  • Luggage Tags* An excellent way to quickly identify your luggage. These colorful Initial It tags are fun for young women. We also like the Samsonite aluminum ID tags  because they are durable and are designed so all your contact information isn’t on display to the world.
  • Play On Words – $15* A twist on refrigerator magnets, this is a scrabble-sized wood block with words to create your own poetry.
  • Socks* Happy Socks has a wide range of socks for men and women.
  • Guard Your ID Roller* – $12.99 Isn’t it a hassle to shred all those papers with your personal information on them? This ink roller solves the problem. Its compounded pigment ink creates an impenetrable pattern no one can read through.  (They also have a kit that includes a refill ink cartridge for $20.98.)

Looking Good

  • Lip Exfoliant – $7.95 This lip exfoliant from Paula’s Choice has 4-star reviews for removing icky dead skin from lips.
  • Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener – $14.95 Another best-seller from Paula’s Choice is an excellent coffee, berry and wine stainer remover for your teeth.
  • Lip Balms with Sunscreen It’s important to use lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen. Sport Performance Lip Balm SPF50 ($2.99 from Banana Boat) is a good choice for guys and gals.
  • * Small Gift for Lips Idea Combine the lip exfoliant, brighten up teeth whitener and lip balm with sunscreen.
  • Bobbi Brown Classic To Go Pallatte*  – $25 The perfect travel makeup set includes 3 classic, neutral eyeshadows, 2 universally flattering lipcolors and a shimmery lip gloss. (Find it at Nordstrom and Sephora.)
  • Peacock Emery Board – $2.50 If you happen to be at Pier1 pick up a couple of these pretty emergy boards, perfect to tuck into any gals stocking.

Tech Stuff

  • iTunes gift cards* (A classic, go-to small gift idea.) Find them in any grocery store.
  • Cyber Clean* – $7.99 A Silly Putty type goo that cleans computer keyboards, remotes, phones and sanitizes them, too.
  • SmartGrip Pad * – $9.99  A pad you put on your car dashboard to keep sunglasses, phones, iPods, etc. from flying around your car.
  • Mini Microfiber Mini Cleaning Mitt* – $2.99 Just the thing to wipe finger prints off cell phones and iPod screens. Nancy says: This year I met someone who clips this mitt to her car keys. She says she can always find her keys in her purse and her phone always stays clean.

For Gals

For Guys

Time-Saving Tip

Nancy says: I am a huge fan of The Container Store for finding small gifts and stocking stuffers. Last year I bought most of my stocking stuffers from their website, selected the “Pickup My Order” option on the checkout page and my local store called me when my order was ready. I swung by the store and picked it up. What a timesaver.

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