Holiday Gift Ideas for the Practical People On Your List

by Joan and Nancy on December 13, 2011

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Ah, the practical ones…it’s tough to think of just the right gift for the “no frills” friend.  Here’s a few suggestions that might work!

   The coolest power strip EVER.  (Love the website too!)
   Stylish survival gear to unleash your inner MacGyver.  Every bracelet, anklet and dog collar is made of military spec 550 paracord.  If you’re ever in an emergency simply unravel it and use the cord to get yourself out of whatever problem you’re in. Need a tourniquet?  Got one!  Need to lower yourself from a burning building?  Done!  Need to save a wedding?  No problem!


I bought this lighted dog collar after the first one I purchased fell apart within months.  This one’s a keeper.  Now I can keep track of the dog in the backyard on her nighttime excursions, and it keeps both of us safer if we’re out on a walk after dark.
   A bungee cord system is an improvement over the “this piece of rope should work” tie-down option we frequently employ at our house.
   My kitchen drawers are totally lusting after the Drawer Decor organizers.
   This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner seems to be exactly what a jewelry lover needs to keep the bling sparkly clean.  (The reviewer gives it a high score for cleaning glasses, too.)
  O.K., practical might not be the first thing you say when you see the Footbike.  However, I’m a firm believer that practical can also be fun.  It looks like a great way to get around town!
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