Gifts To Make Someone Smile

by Joan and Nancy on December 5, 2011

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I love a gift that brings a grin to my face.  Something that’s part cute, part sassy, part really good looking.  Here’s a few I found that I thought were worth sharing!

   Music Smile

Here’s a ceramic pig iPod speaker from West Elm that is seriously too cute.

   Holiday Decoration Smile

I love non-traditional decorations, and this table centerpiece from Etsy looks a bit like the trees in Who-ville.  A perfect complement to your Who-Roast-Beast dinner!

   Teenage Boy Smile

Even a cranky teenager might smile when he opens this animal face shirt from WowCoolStuff.

   Little Girl Smile

This is a great print from Etsy for a little girl’s room – especially when paired with a Princess and the Pea book!

   Cute Little Bowl Smile

I LOVE these tiny geode-style bowls I found at Papernstitch.  They’re the size of your palm and the colors are beautiful!

   Coloring Book Smile

These instructions on how to make a personalized coloring page from your own photos is a brilliant idea for a DIY gift.  Think of how great series of vacation pictures would look! (Check out the comments – lots of people have made additional helpful suggestions.)

   Flower Smile

These guy/girl vases from CB2 are great to add a little color and a smile to an unadorned wall.

   Greeting Card Smile

While not technically a holiday gift (although some of the cards have a holiday theme) the greeting cards from this Etsy store will make the recipient smile all year long.

   Mom Smile

A magnet from Cafepress for mothers (especially of teenagers) everywhere, accompanied by a tired, somewhat exasperated smile.

   Clock Smile

I think this is my favorite smile of all – Kim the Talking Clock from Uncommon Goods.  Kim is a wall alarm clock.  Touch her nose and her eyes light up as she tells you the exact time.  AND the alarm sounds like a crowing rooster.  Just try and not smile – I dare you!

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