Our Top Nine Gifts for the Home

by Joan and Nancy on November 21, 2011

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So no, we’re not advocating putting these under the tree with “To Our Wonderful Home” on the gift tag – because, duh, the house doesn’t have opposable thumbs to unwrap the box.  However, we think these are great gift ideas for friends and family who like practical, usable gifts.

We love the GorillaTorch – you could call it a flashlight, but it’s way cooler than that.  With magnet feet and tripod legs that bend every which way, you’ll find a million different ways to light up your life!  It’s also available on Amazon – use your Prime membership for free shipping.


Joan bought a SodaStream a few months ago  and it’s been a huge hit at her house. You fill the special liter bottle with tap water, put it in the fridge to chill and then insert it into the SodaStream to charge it with carbonated bubbles.  You can customize how much carbonation you put in each bottle and it’s eco-friendly (no electricity needed and think of all the cans and bottles you won’t be buying.) The Sodamix flavors are tasty for the soda drinkers in your house (we’ve tried the Dr. Pete, the Fountain Mist, and the Ginger Ale) but you will be AMAZED how yummy a tall glass of fresh soda with a squeeze of lime tastes.  And, don’t get us started on how good it tastes in a cocktail…  Also available at Bed Bath and Beyond (use your coupon!)


This Joseph Joseph double dish is as clever as it is cute.  Fill the top bowl with nuts or olives and then drop the shells and pits into the lower bowl for a clean snacking experience. Note:  It’s not a huge double dish – it’s more for one person snacking.


Ever lose that brilliant idea you had in the shower because it flew out of your brain before you got a chance to write it down?  Yeah, us too.  With the AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad, you’ll be able to jot that idea down in between the shampoo and conditioner.  Cool!


These geometric placemats made by Chilewich would be beautiful on a modern table.  The grey ones would really pop on a dark walnut finish.  And they’re not only lovely, but very easy to clean – bonus!


Need a gift for the person with an artistic flair in your life?  This groovy stretchable silicone clock will be appreciated by someone who like things “outside the box”.


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until it falls in your lap.  Joan needed to cut up some apples away from home so she picked up a Zyliss knife at Whole Foods.  Best paring knife EVER.  She bought this 3.5″ green one, but is eyeing this 4″ red serrated one as well.  Go all crazy and get the handy dandy set of both knives if you feel like it.  Any of these would make great stocking stuffers for the chef with everything, the new apartment dweller, or your friend who’s knives barely cut butter (we know you’ve got one of those.)  Oh, and they come with blade covers so they’re extra handy for travel!

The Paizley Polka Dot Etsy store has cute tumbled marble holiday coasters.  What a nice “get you into the holiday mood” gift!



We love this “floating books” shelf.  It’s super easy to install, and it truly makes you stop and look when you see those books supported by seemingly nothing on the wall.  Joan found two (for a song) at the thrift store and was looking forward to installing them in her office…until somehow her house ate them, because she’s looked high and low and can’t find them.  At least she knows where to get more!

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lori November 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Ah ha! We are so getting the waterproof notepad! Brilliant!
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