Start Planning Now – No Dry Winter Skin!

by Joan on October 10, 2011

I’m jumping back into normal life today.  Things have been ignored around the house long enough…

While I was otherwise occupied, fall arrived around here this past weekend. That, of course, means winter is not far behind.  Excellent Daughter Libby called when it started snowing in Durango.  Snow in winter = fun!  She also called to say her hands were crazy dry and asked for a solution.  Dry skin in winter = not so much fun.

For a relatively inexpensive dry skin fix, I love using Cetaphil Cream.  I get the 20 oz. tub of it (the container could not be uglier) at Costco and put it into smaller jars that I stash in the kitchen, by the bed, in the bathroom and in the car.  Nancy solves the ugly container problem by putting the whole tub in a decorative jar.

That’s my “re-apply all the time” solution, mostly for hands.  That goes on TOP of the once-a-day neck to toes application of Paula’s Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion with 10% AHA.  I’ve been using that for a few years and wouldn’t know how to get dressed without it.

I sent Libby a container of the Cetaphil cream (more expensive on Amazon, but not by much) and a pair of gloves she can wear at night over a thick layer of the cream.  Hopefully that will keep her hands silky smooth!

Other suggestions to minimize dry, wintertime skin are:

  • avoid hot water when showering
  • use a soap-free or mild soap cleanser
  • moisturize when your skin is still damp
  • use a humidifier (seems like a lot of trouble to me, but hey, whatever works)
  • if you have water with lots of chlorine in it, look into a filter for your shower (Amazon has a wide variety, but since I don’t use one I’ve got no recommendations)
  • use gloves when washing dishes or using cleaning products

And because I like to plan ahead….Paula’s Choice just came out with a hand cream with SPF 30.  I will definitely try it when springtime comes and I pull my hands out of my winter gloves.

But first, I need to FIND my winter gloves…so back to housecleaning I go!


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