Scarves: Fall 2011

by Nancy on September 9, 2011

(Update: I discovered ANOTHER scarf tying video that was so well-done I wrote another post about scarves, Scarves: Fall 2011 – Part 2)

I’ve found more great scarf tutorials and links to beautiful scarves! Read on…

  1. Eileen Fischer recently put up a wonderful 6-minute video on scarf tying using their Fall 2011 scarves. I love all the ideas plus their “whisper silk” scarves that are thin and don’t create so much bulk on the chest or around the neck.
  2. A Fall 2011 fashion trend is for scarves to match the outfit you are wearing. You can see several examples here. I like how they help create a long, lean look.
  3. Target is releasing a special collection by the iconic Italian fashion design company, Missoni. I’m hoping to nab a scarf or two. The men’s scarves are also gorgeous! (The collection is for sale at Target starting September 13.)
  4. Here is a short (less than a minute) video on 3-ways to wear an infiniti scarf.
  5. The “Euro-Knot” (aka, classic slip knot) is a beautiful, simple way to wear a scarf. (Teach it to your guy and he, too can look like Brad Pitt.)
  6. Nordstrom’s has a huge selection of beautiful scarves ranging anywhere from $18 to $400.
  7. Looking for a special, one-of-a-kind, handmade scarf? Check out some of these gorgeous offerings on Etsy.

For more scarfy goodness, here’s a link to my favorite way to tie a scarf, “Tying a Scarf So It Lays Flat,” and “More Scarf Tying.”


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