A Wonderful Christmas Gift But Plan Ahead!

by Nancy on August 4, 2011

Today I want to tell you about one (of many) fabulous gifts Joan has given me for Christmas. The reason I’m telling you is because you can copy this idea but you have to plan ahead.

I’ve written before about my two darling dachsunds, Slink and Friedl. Here they are:

Friedl (left) and Slink (right)










Last Christmas Joan hired artist Seann Vincente to paint them.

My beloved doggies captured in art. Slink (left) and Friedl (right.)









I think the resemblance is amazing. Not to be outdone I had Joan’s dogs painted for her birthday this year. Obviously this is a present that needs to be planned ahead. You can see more examples of Seann’s work and get pricing on her website, StudioSRV. If you have a loved one with a beloved pet, this is truly a just the right thing type of gift.

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