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by Joan on May 24, 2011

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Recently, my good friend John told me I should check out a local store, Jax Outdoor Gear.  He thought I might like it.  I was a bit skeptical – I imagined guns and a lot of camo.  But I gave it a try and he was correct – it’s my new favorite place!  Why, you ask?  Because in addition to guns and lots of camo (which totally creeped me out) they have Carhart shorts for Very Excellent Husband Don, live baby chicks (it was all I could do to not bring the entire brood home with me) and the CUTEST SHOES IN THE WORLD.

At Jax, in their ridiculously huge shoe section , I discovered a Dansko shoe called the Sanibel – it’s an old-school tennis shoe with a wedge Dansko-like sole.  Rubber toe and all.  AND it comes in cute colors and patterns.

It’s like the shoe gods heard my prayers.

I have been wanting shoes like this FOREVER. The only blessing/curse for me is, as usual, only the kid’s sizes fit me.  So while I may not have the color/pattern choices that those of you with size 7 feet have, I do get mine for half the price you will pay.  Oh well.

However, price does not matter if you are looking at the CUTEST SHOES IN THE WORLD.  Money may not be able to buy happiness, but I feel so happy when I wear these shoes I can barely walk – skipping seems to be the thing to do!

If you’re not close to a store that sells these, then by all means shop for them at my favorite online shoe store,  At Zappos, they go by the Veda (with laces) and the Volley (without laces) models.  They even come in leather…you do remember wearing leather Keds, don’t you?  And if leather grosses you out, they also have VEGAN models.  (Even hippie girls want to be cute sometimes.)

I realize I sound like a complete nut.  It’s only a pair of shoes.  But it’s an awesome pair of shoes. It’s a “thank goodness winter is over and summer is just around the corner” pair of shoes.  And they make me smile when I look down at my gotta-be-skipping feet.  You can’t get more Just The Right Thing than that!

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Chris Mooney June 11, 2011 at 5:12 pm

I Love your Blog, lots of great reading and ideas here and I agree they are the cutest shoes in the world
leather shoes
Chris Mooney´s last blog post ..Toe Platform

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