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by Joan and Nancy on December 3, 2010

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Updated November 2011

Here’s our list of interesting gifts for practically anybody (little kids excepted.)

Art Prints


  • The Long Walk – $10.17 Nancy says: I’ve had this book for over 10 years. It’s an incredible true survival story from World War II of a group of men who escape from a prison in Siberia and walk to India. I went to get a link for the book and discovered the story was made into a movie this year. Highly, highly recommended.
  • Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory – $15.27 Another fascinating true story from World War II that accounts how British intelligence agents masterminded a rouse most of us don’t know about. Nancy says: I loved this book, gave it to my dad who read it in record speed, than my husband read it and I have three other people waiting to get their hands on it.
  • One Good Dog – $15.49 Joan says: Gotta recommend another dog book.  Great story of redemption.
  • Old Books, Rare Friends – $16.24 You will fall in love with these two old ladies as you read about their path to book selling – it’s a charmer!

Fun Stuff for the Home

  • Bonsai Forest – $50 Joan says: I’d kill it in about two weeks with my brown thumb, but I’d love it while I could!
  • Paper Bag Vase – $35 Joan has had one of these for 20 years.  She leaves it  on the counter or a table when people come over.  Someone inevitably picks it up.  LOVE IT.
  • Engraved Plate with Purpose – $100 It’s a bit pricy, but we cannot imagine a better gift for someone you know who just got married or celebrated a milestone anniversary.  And if they love The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, then all the more perfect!
  • Cycling chain frame $32-38 This in the “Anybody” category only because we had no “I Love Cycling More Than My Wife” category (LOL, Don!)  Check out the “You Might Also Like” area on this page for more cycling-related gifts.
  • Paper Pots $38 Ugly tissue boxes are necessary evils in every room.  Not anymore…. we’re guessing tissue boxes don’t bother men as much as women.  But they should.  Therefore the “Anybody” category.
  • Mona Lisa doormat – $26 A friend recently stopped by and commented that my doormat (styled to look like the “enter” key on a computer) was a bit worn out and my new entryway deserved something more stylish.  Well, here it is! LOVE IT!
  • Beaker pitcher – $5.95 No way could something this cool be this inexpensive.  Would also be great as a vase!


  • Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes These come in a wide variety of sizes and help make packing and unpacking a snap. An added bonus, with all the bed bug talk is that you can keep your belongings contained.
  • Cup Holder Organizer – $12 It’s pink, but even guys would love to turn one of the million cupholders in the car into a place that keeps the iPhone safe.


  • Netflix online subscription – $7.99 month Joan says: Despite the brouhaha this year over Netflix my family loves our Netflix online subscription.  Lots of movies and TV shows (not first run or current season, but good ones) at your fingertips on your computer.  With a gaming console, device like Apple TV or AV cables you can also watch on your TV. (One account can be shared by your kids, so it’s actually a gift for the whole family.)
  • Amazon Prime subscription – $79 Joan says: My Prime subscription costs $79/year. For that I get free 2-day shipping from Amazon all year long. It has totally changed my shopping habits. I always check Amazon first before I head to the store to look for something.  Saves me lots of time!  (Can also be shared with family members!)

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