How to Prevent Colds

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by Nancy on November 10, 2010

Who has time to get sick? Certainly not you, our wonderful readers, who are most likely the planners, cooks, decorators, cleaners and producers of Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. That is why this well-done, researched-based article, How to Most Effectively Battle the Common Cold, from Lifehacker, caught my eye. It breaks down treatments for colds into remedies that are scientifically proven to help, remedies that might help but aren’t scientifically proven to do so, and remedies that aren’t worth using because they cost money and are not proven effective.

The best thing is that the remedies that work are cheap and already in your house…salt and honey. I also learned from this article that gargling with salt water actually helps prevent colds. Two things that are also proven to reduce getting sick are reducing stress and getting enough sleep…which I’m sure you already knew and is way easier said than done.

Anyway, check out this article, staying healthy is always just the right thing!

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