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by Joan and Nancy on November 15, 2010

Kidult: A person in transition between childhood and adulthood. WKUFN2VKUMZ8

Ah, buying a meaningful gift for the American teenager that is not the newest piece of technology – so, so hard to do!  Most years we succumb, haul out the Visa and make them happy.  But then the NEXT year there’s a NEW piece of technology (and the old one is either lost or broken.)  So we say RISE UP and think outside the tech box when it comes to your kids this holiday season!

Unisex Gifts

Seat Buckle Belt – $20 Joan’s family picked the Volkswagen one because that’ how they roll, but Ford, GM and Chevy are available as well. Etsy has some too.

You Are Loved Keychain – $9 Subtle yet strong.  Just like the mom you are.  Every time your kid gets into their car or opens their dorm room, they’ll think of you.  And if someone asks, they can always say they got it from an old girl/boy friend.

iPod Nano Watch Band – price varies Joan says: This is on Cameron’s wish list.  You can get cool silicone bands at Hex, canvas straps at Fossil and here. Of course, new iPod nano sold separately!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree – $18 Joan says: I found this at the thrift store for Libby – it was $4 (and cost $16 to ship – bummer.) Mine came in a very cool box, but however it comes, I think it’s a great early gift for the “first year in an apartment” kid in your life.

Zombie stud earrings – $14 So cute and a bit ironic!

Duct tape wallet – $20 They’ve been around for a while, but they’re still fun.

Street Art Doodle Kit – $25 For the budding artist in your life. (Joan says: I think this is also a great college care package item – every student needs a quick diversion when studying for finals!)

Sunglasses pillow cases – $25 Your son might just make his bed if he had these cool pillowcases! Or these! Or even these!

Ms. Food face plate – $13 Yeah, it’s probably supposed to be for your pre-schooler, but we think your college kids would love it too.

App magnets – $13 Great for a dorm or apartment fridge.

Ticket Stub Diary – $10.00 A neat way to remember music and sporting events.

Gifts for Gals

T-shirt necklace – $25 Joan says: If I get this for Libby, I will definitely steal it from her immediately! (Bonus – read about how it’s made.)

Reclaimed t-shirt scarf – $25 Good for the environment, great for your teen. Comes in a skinny version, too.

Peace, Love and Harmony mittens – $20 If your daughter is an earth girl, she might love these.  Hats and scarves to match.

Wreak This Journal – $9.52 Not a journal in the traditional sense, this journal is  a fun way to express oneself artistically. Spill coffee on it, chew a page, drag it along the ground. Nancy says: This would also make a good finals care package gift.

The 12 Posts of Christmas

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Norb November 21, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Our often hilarious Christmas exchange limits adult gifts to $50. This year I’m going serious: A jar of Lyle’s Golden Syrup and a can of Klim powdered milk (from the olden days) and a subscription to “The Hightower Lowdown” (for contemporary intelligent reading).

admin November 21, 2010 at 6:24 pm

No way. I LOVE Jim Hightower. After Molly Ivins left this world, he became my favorite Texan (after family members, of course.) How can I get invited to your Christmas exchange? Who the heck is Lyle? And Klim?

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