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by Joan and Nancy on November 29, 2010

We think guys are either really easy or really hard to please at Christmas.  Joan’s Very Excellent Husband Don is a cycling fanatic. He makes a list of all the cycling things he wants and where to purchase them. A couple of keystrokes by Joan and Don’s wish list is complete.  It’s not clever or unique, but he does get what he wants.

Technology is another no-brainer for most guys.  So is a favorite team sports-related gift.  And, if you want something a little different for the man in your life, check out some of our suggestions below!

Techy Type Things

  • Geek clock – $25 This Geek clock is flat out fun and affordable.
  • Portable USB turntable – $150 For the guy addicted to his vinyl record collection. This sleek portable turntable lets you play records anywhere and can turn his favorite tracks into MP3 files.
  • Temperature Controlled Faucet Light – $19.99 Nancy says: A few years ago my dad said he wanted a tech type gift under $25 that would “tantalize and delight him.” This faucet light, which glows blue when the water is cool and turns red as it gets hot was my solution (thanks to Joan who heard someone mention it on NPR.) As an added bonus, I think my dad was tantalized and delighted!

Clothing & Accessories

  • “Tool” belt – $40 Made for snowboarders, but cool for all guys.  Integrated into the design of a regular belt is a flat and phillips head screwdriver, an 8/10/11mm wrench, and the ever-needed bottle opener.  Very, very cool.
  • Custom Van Shoes $60 Create a custom pair of Van’s for your favorite guy.  Or Converse, if that’s the way he strolls…
  • Zombie t-shirt – $15 Joan says: This probably should have gone in the post for kids, but I just found it.  Every goofy 15-year-old boy should have one!

Miscellaneous Funness

  • Bacon pillow What an awesome gift for the man in your life that loves bacon. This long, narrow pillow would be perfect for a man’s desk chair at work or in his study. Plus it proves bacon is a chemical element.
  • Bacon Club $99-$185 Bacon of the month club from Zingerman’s. A little something to go along with the pillow 😀 .
  • Lost Balls Ha! Not what you think. It’s a book about golf ladies…a beautiful picture book of every golfer’s worst nightmare. (The link gets you a buy one-get-one-free!)
  • Carabiner coffee mug – $10 The handle doesn’t look that comfortable, but great for style points at the office!
  • Gallon jug o’ Tabasco – $45 For the guy who likes it hot!
  • Vise grip bookends – $20 If the guy in your life is a reader AND appreciates clever design, this one’s for him.
  • Magnetic desk dots organizer – $12 A very cool way to organize desk papers.

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lori November 30, 2010 at 11:43 pm

Never fails, I always find something I need or I’m interested in here. My dad just asked for a turn table of all things! Thanks for the link!
lori´s last blog post ..Merry ChristmasTo Me!

Nancy Nancy December 1, 2010 at 10:15 am

When we dug out our turntable we discovered the rubber drive belt had snapped and the needle needed replacing. Took forever to find all the parts. That’s why I was so attracted to this little USB player. Plus it’s tiny!

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