While Boys are Away, Part Two

by Joan on October 5, 2010

Well, the exterior front entry remodel is continuing.  After Day One, the demo was complete, but I really didn’t know what I was going to do next.  I picked out some pavers that I like earlier, but they’re not ordered.  I’m assuming Home Depot does next day delivery, don’t they?

I know I want it to be very square, with lots of right angles.  I used most of the morning of Day Two trying to come up with different ideas.  The reverse engineering of trying to lay out a pattern with lots of right angles without screwing up and needing to cut a lot of paver bricks is daunting to me.  I do know I want a fence, and I thought getting the fence posts in first was a good place to start.  Then I found a few pictures I liked of skinny flower beds with tall grasses.  I went through some of the flagstone pieces and found enough of the right size to make the outline.

I lucked out because a friend of Cameron’s needed to stop by and get something.  He helped with the posts. I recycled the wood from the awning project – FREEBIE! After much ado and three bags of Quickrete they were in.  Amazingly enough they ended up fairly straight.  So here’s photos of day two – three posts and a small wall.  But I am getting a grip on my plans.  Finally.

The first step forward!

The neighbor’s dog Hoppy came over to check out the project and went nuts at my bucket that holds our wooden stakes.  She tipped it over and started trying to get the stakes out.  Two seconds later a mouse went running for his/her life – scared me silly!  A few minutes later I noticed something moving on the bucket – yep, it was another one.  How cute is this?

How cute is that?

I borrowed our friend John’s truck for a Home Depot trip.  He took this picture of me in front of the pile of sand I will be moving, shovel by shovel, when I’ve prepared the ground for the pavers.  Can’t wait!

I bet that smile won't last long...

Day Three was boring and tedious.  Making these border walls is hard.  And I’m taking the easy way out by not attempting the corners and connections just yet. Only the straightaways.

I hate the boring but necessary parts...

Day Four. OMG is it already DAY FOUR??? I’m feeling mildly screwed now. Will I really finish this? My goal was to finish the fence and this really stupid area in front of the fence for a rock sculpture.  You would think making a square out of pieces of square wood would be easier.  But taking up the grass was hard.  Really hard.  And making the wood both square and level tested my skills and patience.  The finished product…

You have no idea how hard that was...

I ordered the pavers from the Depot.  Delivered tomorrow.  Wood for the fence was WAY too expensive, and the alternative I bought was all wrong.  I”m sure I’ll figure out the answer at 2am. I want to start shoveling the sand, but I know I need to finish the borders.  AARGH.

Some things I’m learning about myself

  • I always use smaller tools, even when bigger ones would be more efficient.
  • I really like working hard on a specific project.
  • I get way too obsessive about these kinds of projects.  I can’t sleep.
  • I feel a little smug about not paying for my fitness.
  • When Keela took off between my legs through the when I was going through the gate, that hour I spent chasing her was one of the most frustrating hours of my life.  Somebody please learn how to teach dogs to speak English so she will understand me when I’m talking in the soft, scary voice to her.
  • I cannot stop until my tools are all in one place and the area is clean.  Can you say OCD?

Looking forward to tomorrow.  I’m mastering all the right angles for the borders, because I want to start shoveling sand and laying pavers.  That is, after all, why I started this project.

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Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs October 5, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Wow! I’m so impressed — and feeling like a real slug looking at what *I* did today compared to what you’ve been doing! You’re an inspiration.
Lisa @ Grandma’s Briefs´s last blog post ..The one in which I eat my words

Nancy Nancy October 6, 2010 at 7:38 am

I am helping Joan by dropping by, drinking her beer and keeping her from her work.

Paula October 7, 2010 at 12:08 pm

OMG Joan, you like to bite off big bites, don’t you 😉 ? My bro is visiting next week to help me build a deck, and I’m thinking I need to model my participation in this project after Nancy :-). Good luck! Can’t wait for the next post!

Mary October 7, 2010 at 8:36 pm

Nancy, that is a very supportive thing for a friend to do. If you like, you can come up, sit on my patio, and drink beer and watch me pick up at least a bazillion fallen apples. Then you can cheer me on while I deal with my basil explosion and my tomatoes. :)

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