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by Nancy on September 1, 2010

Nancy’s daughter just got all her college textbooks for under $200.00 by using this helpful guide from Lifehacker.

Have empty walls screaming for some art work? Check out these 12 ideas for frugal art.

Cooks Illustrated recently reviewed eight Italian imported pastas. Are they worth the price? Find out here.

You see a dress in your favorite store for $200.00. Later you see it online for $50.00. You  might think it’s a great deal or you might question the quality because of the reduced price. If these thoughts go through your head you are experiencing the anchoring effect. It’s a fascinating study of human behavior and you can read more about it here.

Classics endure because they work. Here’s an informative article about the first seamless cup bra, created 20 years ago and still selling like hotcakes.

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