An Interesting Way to Dry Your Sheets

by Nancy on July 2, 2010

At the beginning of June I wrote about my search for new sheets. One of the things I mentioned in that post was a tip I’d read on The Pioneer Woman about washing sheets and pulling them damp from the washing machine onto your bed where, if you pull them tight, they will dry wrinkle-free and crisp. I was a bit dubious about this but I tried it the week after I wrote that post and I’ve been doing it ever since. If you can’t line dry your sheets and want something close to that feeling you’ve got to try it.

Now, on sheet washing day, I come up with excuses to walk by my bedroom and look at my inviting bed. When you first your sheets back on your bed they will look wrinkly, like this:

be sure and smooth them out. When you put the top sheet on let it hang, don’t tuck the end and sides in. As your sheets dry, they get less and less wrinkly.

I recommend washing your sheets early in the day (just in case you live in a wetter climate than me.) I wash the fitted sheet and some towels first, put the fitted sheet on my bed and let it start to dry while my top sheet and pillowcases are washing. Later in the day, after the sheets have dried I throw the comforter back on the bed and stack up the pillows.

When you crawl into your yummy, delicious, freshly-made bed at night you will feel positively home-ecky, practically Martha Stewart! And, if you were lucky enough, as a child to hear the stories of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, you will know what I mean when I say I feel like Kitty Wheeling, who hated to make beds until Mrs. Piggle Wiggle came along and taught her make-believe games to help her enjoy making beds. Besides, finding any way to enjoy making beds is just the right thing!

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Lori July 4, 2010 at 9:41 am

Interesting. I have never heard of this before…must try it!
Lori´s last blog post ..Ode To Butter

Joan July 9, 2010 at 4:16 pm

I had the best intentions to try this, and I put my sheets in the washer before lunch, so I was laughing as I pulled the wet sheets out at about 11pm. NEXT week I’ll try this cool new idea!

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