I Read a Whole Book!

by Joan on April 29, 2010

Recently, in my spare time (HA HA HA), I read the book Just Let Me Lie Down: Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom (which I received free as part of my participation in the SV Moms Book Club, the umbrella group of the blog I write for, Rocky Mountain Moms).  It’s a funny book, written by Kristin van Ogtrop, the editor of Real Simple magazine.  It’s all about the work-home balance she has been striving for since she had children and chose to continue working in the magazine industry.

I enjoyed the book, especially since it gave me a humorous look into a life I’ve never led – one of working mom.  Actually, that’s really not a true statement.  Since the kids were young I’ve held various jobs, none full-time and always arranged around their schedules, but I was working nonetheless.  What I have never done is consider myself a working mom.  Even now, with owning a business and writing a book and blogging, I would still identify as a SAHM.

It got me thinking about all the attention the media gives the supposed division between SAHM and working moms.  I’ve never understood that argument.  Aren’t we all working?  Why is this even an issue? Can’t we argue about something more important?  If you think that staying home is the best thing for your kids and your family can afford for you to do it, then by all means, stay at home.  If you think you are a happier person and better mom if you work outside the home, then go out and get a job that brings you joy.  For the moms who are in a role they don’t want to be in, like a working mom who must work but who would prefer to stay at home, my heart goes out to you.

I think Kristin loves working and loves her family and has the financial ability to find high-quality care for her kids when she is at work.  You go, girl!  Is it easy for her?  Doesn’t sound like it from her anecdotes about her daily life.  Is it rewarding for her?  Yes!   Does it sound like she would be happy as a stay-at-home-mom?  Probably not.  She has found what works best for her, has the wonderful ability to make light of the difficult parts, and seems to be thriving in her personal chaos.  We should all be so lucky!

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