And I Didn’t Even Need To Go To Italy…

by Joan on March 9, 2010

The Nespresso C100

The Nespresso C100

I had a good moment last week.  Well, I probably had more than one.  But since this one moment was brought on by a delivery from Amazon, it’s the perfect thing to talk about…

Since the first of the year, I’ve been drinking a double espresso every morning.  I added this to my routine because I was trying to lose a few pounds and I thought the caffeine jolt would distract my ever-present desire to eat everything in sight. (And in case you were wondering, it has worked!)  I love the routine – after the dog park I’d head down to Starbucks, stroll in, get that doppio espresso, slam it down, make what Don calls my “coffee face” and head home.

I make a coffee face because I actually don’t like coffee at all.  However, it is the sexiest of all caffeine delivery products, and taking a No-Doze pill to get the same physical response just seems plain WRONG.

This was all going well until I did the math one day.  Two bucks a pop, 365 days a year.  My weight loss program was costing me $730 per year.  Uh-ohh.

So I whipped my Just The Right Things skill-set into high gear, did some heavy duty internet research, and plunked down $220 for an espresso maker.


I purchased a semi-automatic Nespresso espresso machine.  If you enjoy roasting and grinding your own beans, measuring and tamping the grounds, and making that thwacking sound as you bang the used grounds into the trash, then this machine is definitely not for you.  It is a pod system.  It is foolproof.  Fill the water reservoir, pop a pod in, and you have an awesome espresso before you can say, “Caffeine, anyone?”

And it gets better….

I got the bonus milk foamer, called the Aeroccino Plus.  It’s like magic!  Throw some cold milk in it, punch the button, and 70 seconds later you either have plain hot milk or a hot milk/milk foam combo that makes perfect cappuccino.  I would like to stress the milk is perfect, but the fact that it kinda happens like magic is just so…magical.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I take a recommendation for a $220 espresso maker from someone who doesn’t even like coffee?”

Well, the reviews are crazy good at Amazon, out of 83 reviews, 80 are four or five stars .  The guy in this YouTube video likes it and shows the whole brewing process. Very excellent husband Don, who does have taste buds for coffee, gives it a big thumbs up as well.

Seems like the only down side is the cost of the pods – 55 cents each (they come in sleeves of ten pods), and they are only available from the Nespresso website.  Shipping is $6.95 for as few or as many as you order.  But I’ve been paying two bucks every day, so even with the investment of the machine I will be financially ahead very soon.

I love being financially ahead on something.  Have I mentioned our ongoing home remodel?  Ahh, stay tuned!

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