Gift Idea – Margarita Basket

by Nancy on November 2, 2009

Margarita Basket

Margarita Basket

If you are like our friends, Dawn and Shannon, you are already 75% finished with your holiday shopping (these are women you love and hate at the same time!) Dawn has even started wrapping. For the rest of us mortals it’s time to pull out pad and paper and start angsting about the perfect gifts.

Some people are born with the knack of selecting and putting together just the right thing and so it is with my husband, Alan’s, friend Greg. A few years ago Greg gave us a gorgeous margarita basket he put together himself. It included great tequila, orange liquor, a lime squeezer and fresh limes all bedded in a wicker box with buff colored crinkle paper shreds and tied together with a big lime green ribbon. (The picture here is a sad replica I put together today – disregard the half empty bottles.) I loved that gift, not only because I liked what was in it but because it was beautiful to look at.

A nice thing about the margarita basket idea is that you can vary it to fit your budget. For example you could skip the squeezer and add more limes, vary the types of tequila and orange liquor or skip the liquor and put in margarita glasses, coarse salt, a lime squeezer and some limes.

Be sure to include your favorite margarita recipe.  Joan’s husband, Don, is the hit of the party when he makes his favorite recipe – here it is!

Don’s Famous Margaritas

  • 4 ozs. of your favorite tequila
  • 2 ozs. triple sec or other orange liquor
  • 3 ozs. fresh squeezed lime juice (only fresh squeezed – nothing else works!)
  • 6 ozs.  apple juice (this is the secret ingredient that makes these margaritas the perfect blend of sweet and sour.)

Stir everything together in a pitcher and pour into a salt rimmed glass full of ice.  Serves two!

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